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Quaker Abbreviations

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b born gc granted certificate mou married out of unity [faith] rocf received on certificate from
bur buried gct granted certificate to mtg meeting rol received on letter
cert certificate gl granted letter prc produced a certificate rolf received on letter from
ch child, children h husband prcf produced a certificate from

rpd reported


co chosen overseer, overseers jas joined another society QM Quarterly Meeting rq request, requests, requested
com complained, complained of ltm liberated to marry, left at liberty to marry rec receive, received rqc requested certificate
con condemned m marry, married, marrying, marriage recrq received by request rqct requested certificate to
d died mbr member relfc released from care for rqcuc requested to come under care (of meeting)
dec deceased mbrp membership relrq released by request rst reinstate, reinstated
dis disowned, disowned for mcd married contrary to discipline rem remove, removed s son, sons
dt daughter, daughters MH Meeting House rm reported married uc under care (of meeting)
fam family MM Monthly Meeting rmt reported married to w wife
form formerly mos married out of society roc received on certificate YM Yearly Meeting


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